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GEMOLOGY White Pearl Lightening & Radiance Treatment

With innovative GemWhite Complex®, White Pearl Brightening & Radiant Treatment helps to block the melanin synthesis and transfer by inhibition of tyrosinase.Offre una varietà di orologi replica, tra cui Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Panerai e altre repliche di orologi di lusso.Offre orologi replica e falsi orologi Rolex replica a prezzi convenienti. As a result, the skin is luminous and radiant.

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With innovative GemWhite Complex®, White Pearl Brightening & Radiant Treatment helps to block the melanin synthesis and transfer by inhibition replicas de relojes of tyrosinase. As a result, the skin is luminous and radiant.

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GEMOLOGY White Pearl Lightening & Radiance Treatment
Duration : 1hr 15mins

Red jasper is a red sedimentary stone rich in silicon.  
Our body’s silicon content decreases irreversibly over time, which stimulates aging. The body’s loss of silicon leads to the gradual alteration of collagen and elastin fibers, which ages the skin.   As skin collagen declines, the cutaneous tissues thin considerably.  Over time, the capillary tissues gradually thicken, reducing the skin’s ability to retain nutrients and water. The  skin gradually loses firmness and radiance; surface and deep wrinkles form... 
Supplementary silicon, which naturally stimulates collagen synthesis, helps to regenerate skin tissue and slow the   aging process.

Red Jasper Radiance Care
Duration : 1hr 15mins

Green-colored Jade is naturally rich in sodium.
Sodium is the primary element of our blood and extracellular body fluids. It is essential to balancing body water.   The sodium-potassium balance is essential, because rolex replicas potassium in intracellular water regulates the rate of liquid flow and pH within cells.   Sodium helps maintain the body's water balance and provides moisture to the cells. It helps restore structure and elasticity to the replica watches tissues. 
Jade also contains iron.

Jade Tonifying Care
Duration : 1hr 15mins

A precious skin care treatment set that provide the benefits of the collagen on the skin, while complementing it with the anti-aging care through replique montre de luxe | Replique Montre | Montre Replique the power of Diamonds. 100% pure collagen sheets helps improve the texture of the skin in addition to revitalize, redensify and deeply hydrate the skin.   While diamond micro-emulsion stimulated cell renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Diamond Youth & Collagen Mask Treatment
Duration : 1hr 15mins

Radiance Intensive Ampoules - Whitening

Thanks to the freeze dried technique and highly replica breitling concentrated actives; this intensive treatment combines Malachite and Vitamin C that illuminate the complexion and light it up.   Skin is unified and panerai replica watches moisturized.   Complexion looks radiant and lighter.

Radiance Antioxidant Treatment
Duration : 1hr 15mins

Gemology offers you a treatment that is specially  designed for dry / combination / sensitive skin.  
Hands are given a reflexology massage before treatment, and the face is massaged with semiprecious gemstones.   The scalp is massaged as the mask is being applied.


Classical Treatment
Duration : 1hr 15mins