Body Exfoliator

This loofah fiber and Mango butter – based fibrous texture deeply cleans the skin while smoothly eliminating impurities and dead cells and providing to the skin a sensation of purity.

Citrine, Mango Flower, Loofah, Cinnamon, Mango Pulp Oil, New-Zealand volcano Rotorua, E vitamin, Peptide, GEMOLOGY skin care ® and Pure Bio Aqua (organic water)

Ingredients and benefits:

· Citrine – Soothing and Purifying
· Loofah – Exfoliate
· Mango Pulp Oil–Moisturizing, Soothing
· Vitamin E – Regenerating
· New-Zealand volcano Rotorua – Mineralizing breitling replica

Apply a small quantity of the cream on a dry skin. Gently scrub while slowly insisting on the rough zones (elbows, knees, heels). Invite the client to rinse the body replique rolex france under a shower. Proceed to the GemBody Massage with the La Precieuse Oil. Massage for 30 minutes.